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Welcome to an insight into my own brain and what all of this socio-political mess is that we are in. Have you felt like the way we are taught current affairs is dull and tiring? Well I have so I made this site for you and I as an easy to navigate place for blogs, political 101s and political explanations and ideas.

Political Participation in Australia


47 Percent of Australians did not discuss politics or political news with anyone. *


*Evans, M., Stoker, G., & Nasir, J. (2013). How Do Australians Imagine Their Democracy?


By Year 10, Australian school students don’t possess the fundamentals deemed necessary to become active, informed citizens. *


* National Assessment Program Civics & Citizenship Years 6 & 10 Report 2013


 of Australians surveyed couldn’t name a political achievement or a politician who had a positive impact in 2020*


* IPSOS 2020 study


Only three per cent of Australians believed ‘making an impact’ is the most important quality in a political leader*


* IPSOS 2020 study


15% of Australians surveyed by the Guardian expressed zero interest in politics. *



* The Guardian Australia 2019


Only 38% of Year 10 students were deemed proficient in their civic knowledge and rights. * 


* National Assessment Program Civics and Citizenship National Report 2019

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