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Welcome to the inner workings of my brain

Howdy and welcome to my blog.

For a while I have wanted to start doing something like this and kept putting it off for no particular reason. I am a politics graduate studying policy so my whole world really revolves around the socio-political state of the country and the world. A lot of the time I am sharing information about this or being asked questions regarding politics. On the spot I am not always ready with a definition, tangent or rant. That’s a bit of a lie because if you know me you have definitely seen or heard me go on tangents quite often but this is usually in areas that I have researched a lot on or have a major passion for. I do however have a certain privilege wherein I have studied this for five years and have the means and capacities to share my knowledge. I am always learning every day and this is not something I take for granted.

So I wanted to create a space where I can share current news, historic news and background, political 101s of what this seemingly boring world of politics is all about and different theories and ideologies. Basically it’s a public space for me to write blogs about my opinion whilst also sharing knowledge about factual information. Anywhere from the old white guys who I constantly had to read and quote in my BA to the incredible words and teaching of Kimberlee Crenshaw who first coined the term "intersectional feminism" in 1989. I will also be giving explanations of political jargons, terms, ideologies and just general politics things because hey why should I keep my 40 thousand dollars of education (also known as debt) to myself. Have you ever wondered what the hell the political advisors on the news are saying? Because I have and often politics is overlooked for many reasons. Sadly a lot of people are active participants in politics not by choice but because they do not receive privilege and it is detriment to their livelihoods. Whereas some people think nah and say they are "not political". Cool thanks for highlighting the fact you have never had to be worried about your autonomy, safety and rights being taken from you. Then again we are only taught the very basics of law and politics even though it is such a detrimental aspect of life. But that right there is another discussion in itself. I have chosen to name my blog perform reform because I want to work in policy and law reform myself. I have known this for a while and for a long time thought I could only achieve this if I studied law. WRONG. Anyways I realised I would never get high enough marks for a law degree that’s when I turned to politics and realised it really is my passion. Another important reason is whilst I truly believe in the power of voice and words it is not enough to just say you want to see change, you have to act on it thus we have to perform reform. Cheesy but you know me I love a good rhyme and anything where I can insert Rhi into (Rhiform) ha ha ha.

So welcome to the brain child of mine that’s a constant work in progress just like me


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